Connecting a HDMI Chromecast to Picopix. No audio via bluetooth

Hi everyone!

My picopix max is up and running and I quite enjoy it. I have it mounted to the ceiling with a simple brace and use a hyperjuice battery to ensure it is charged up. (no need for power cables)

I have the picopix max connect via bluetooth for audio, to a Philips HTL3310 soundbar.

When I connect a HDMIChromecast unit, I tested Gen1, Gen2 and Ultra, I cannot get sound to play via Bluetooth. Video works well though.

I suspect the Picopix does not negotiate audio codecs well with the Chromecast.

Has anyone succeeded in getting such a setup to work properly?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, Bluetooth output doesn’t work when using the HDMI or USB-C inputs. See this thread: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs

Hi @sweslac, in addition to what @djupsjob said, the best way is to directly connect your source device (i.e. Chromecast) to your Bluetooth speakers. This is the only way to also ensure no audio video sync issues. However I don’t think Chromecast has this feature.

Do you have the option of using a Fire TV stick? Amazon Fire TV supports Bluetooth connection to your speakers so you will be able to use the PicoPix Max for video and your BT speaker for audio. I have this setup and it works perfectly.

Another alternative is to get a BT transmitter and plug it into the 3.5mm audio jack at the back of the projector, and transmit audio that way.

Finally the 3rd and even simpler solution is to get an FM transmitter and plug it into the 3.5 mm jack.

Hope one of those is acceptable for your usage.

These are great suggestions. I will try them out!

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Wow, very happy with this solution.

The polish of the amazon fire stick is really nice.

I am very happy with my setup now. Hyperjuice Powerbank, Amazon Firestick and Philips Soundbar.

A big thank you Prashant.

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@Philips_Support_P im not familiar with FM transmitter so I was wondering why it is simpeler solution? I am also looking for a way to use the Chromecast I own.

At the moment this is the closest thing I’ve found to connect a speaker

Hi @Zoub an FM transmitter just creates a “radio station” on an FM frequency, so you can use any radio tuner to play back the audio wirelessly. There is no pairing and no delay, audio/video will always be in sync. Since it’s just a broadcast you can also use as many headphones or speakers as you like. We had for example someone who created a drive-in theatre where every car played the movie’s audio on their sound system.

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Does anyone know if the new Chromecast with Google TV supports Bluetooth speakers like the Firestick?


I don’t know about the new version that just came out but the older ones do NOT support bluetooth connections. They are intended to be connected to a device that already provides audio/video.

Thanks. I’m aware of that.

I found this.

Whatever you plug into the 3.5mm jack will only send 2 channels / stereo. Sending this to a 5.1 home cinema sound system would be a waste of a perfectly good sound system. Thou BT seems not to be able to handle more that 2 channels anyway. Consider having an optical audio output on the next version of the PicoPix. I am forced to buy a HDMI to HDMI + audio converter, hopefully that will work.