"Forgotten" Backers

yes!!! just arrived in greece!!
best quality!!
thank you for your support!!!


I have still no news from my indiegogo order please can someone give me some information ?
Thanks in advance.


contribution ID indiegogo : 14604 / 12275

backerkit ID : 4,638

Request number : 24597

Thanks in advance.

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_N


Can I please have some information about my projector, my number is not in any of the lists.
Contribution was at september 2019, nearly a year ago!

Thanks in advance.

contribution ID indiegogo : 11967

backerkit ID : 15587273

Request number : 27053

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N

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My projector still hasn’t arrived. Contribution ID is 12937. Thank you, Daniel

My address looks a bit weird in the backerkit, as you’ve put my flat number after the city name, so maybe that was the issue?

I just corrected it. In fact we never touched this. Backerkit is transferring the backers from Indiegogo. SO the mistake should be also on Indiegogo. I will also check now what is the issue with the forwarder.

Hi, my contribution ID is 21012 and the shipment is to Mainland China. I can’t find my id in any list, could you please check the status for me? Thanks!

Hello i have been one of the earliest backers. The last communication i received was in June 10.

Name: B Mahesh Sarma

Country: India

ID: 12219.

Is it coming at all


Have a look here: General info about shipment and manufacturing

They are not good news but it is what we have. @IvoGrijt, or whoever has the rights to do it, it would be good to have all these updates at the news section to avoid many different people having to ask the same questions around.

Hi @IvoGrijt, hope you’re well.

I had to return my PPM and it arrived on Honk Kong on 13th August. How am I gonna be able to track the new unit? Will my contribution ID be added to a new list? Many thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


Still waiting for a response back.

I can’t find my (second) contribution number on any of the lists:

Indiegogo contribution ID: 20380
Backerkit ID: 12034172
Contribution Date: January 17, 2020

Thank you

[strange is, that 20379 (amy) and 20381 (joy) are on the list]

Me too… 56 days without any frckn response… :frowning:
Congrats philips… :+1:

Thank you.

Could you please advise when it’s going to be mailed out?


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My shipping tracking number is not working

Indiegogo contribution ID: 12373
DHL tracking details: DHL – 2630237481

Please let me know the status of my shipment.

Thank you.

Naren ,silly question …you are from india ?
How r u getting it ? Dhl issue resolved ?

Ask ivoG or steve …