How long are they going to keep supporting this device?

It hope it’s for a long time, there are so many issues at present. The OS is practically unusable for me, all I can get to work right now are Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Aptoide doesn’t work at all, it worked once and now it doesn’t like my router so I can’t update apps or get new ones. The YouTube app won’t let me play my purchases so I can’t watch films I’ve bought. Prime video won’t work. Will these issues ever be fixed?

I tried plugging a Roku stick in and everything was fine until I needed to put the projector at a slight angle. It’s so frustrating.

WTH were the developers thinking using such a POS OS?

These are things that worry me, but I would take a guess at 2 years of OS updates as Philips have used this AOSP in other products so they are invested in the platform. Android TV still has a lot of issues due to Application dev’s being picky. Google themselves being picky and not really thinking ATV would be used on Projectors. Why is your projector having issues with your Router. Are you running the latest updates on the projector?

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Is it really fair to blame the PPM not working properly with your router on the PPM? My dad used to say “It takes two to Tango”.

For me it’s quite the opposite: everything I want to do or use at the moment works for me, I only ever connect an external source when testing really.

Very fair, no other devices seem to have issues.

Good for you. You mods just keep repeating the same old mantra ‘it’s not the PPM’s fault your app / hardware isn’t compatible’. What a load of rubbish, this projector was specifically advertised as having access to just about any app you wanted to through the android platform yet it consistently struggles to run even the most popular ones.
I can (and do) plug in an external source which solves the OS issue but then you lose hardware functionality with bluetooth and keystone correction.
The OS needs fixing.


I haven’t got the Projector yet but there’s talk on the net that the App can corrupt which can cause it to stop working: How to fix Aptoide if it can't download apps

Are there any settings in Aptoide to reset it? Worst case maybe factory reset the Projector

I guess, in max. 2 years everyone will use his ppm with a stick, rpi or laptop anyway. Probably a lot sooner.

Hopefully Screeneo will find some time for long lasting projector improvements like pleasing bright mode, silent night mode, and variable fan speed, before the project ends.

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Sell it and buy something better, then?


The OS is HOT GARBAGE. I gave up on it and bought an AppleTV because promised iOS AirPlay support doesn’t work. So pissed.

Out of curiosity, in what way do you find that Airplay doesn’t work? I have seen other people reporting it works nicely, that’s why I’m asking.


Most content is protected and doesn’t display on the device.

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Yes, it’s a shame. However, this is unfortunately something that the device manufacturers have no control over. I have had similar problems with AirPlay and DRM-protected content before, so I’m not expecting it to work without a HDMI cable.

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Yes, for sure, DRM protected contents will never pass.
But except for contents bought through Apple store, other contents could be played through inner apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube.
And finally, for contents bought through Apple store, you have found the best combo : AppleTV/PPM :+1: !

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The native Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube apps are sluggish and highly unusable. I’ve used much better android tv implementations. The one they selected just sucks.

My expectations must be much lower than yours, cause they all work just fine for me.

I’ve driven very fast cars, but sometimes all you need is a working Yugo to get you to the movies and back.

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Just a friendly hint: if you genuinely want people to help you, it would probably be a good idea to think twice about how you express yourself. For instance, comments like “what the hell were the developers thinking using such a piece of shit OS?” and “you’re full of shit” aren’t going to make people very inclined to invest their time in helping you.

As for the problems you mention in your first post in this thread:

  • Other people have also reported problems with Aptoide, and although PhilipsPrashant reported that he hasn’t been able to reproduce the problem he is working on it (App installation from Aptoide doesn't work). You can work around this by downloading the apps you need and side-load them. Have you tried that as a temporary solution?
  • There has also been other reports of problems with Prime Video. Have you seen if this thread contains anything that could be helpful? Amazon Prime Videos wouldn't play

Ok apologies for saying shit. That is a naughty word and I should have said hot air.

So 2 years of support expected? In that case I’ll continue putting my gripes on this forum till I’m happy.

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PLEASE DO! :smiley: :partying_face:

Only that way can we all make this a better product, including for you!

And it’s two years from going live officially, which still hasn’t happened yet (not in stores yet)

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Please do that, but please do it in a constructive manner. That helps solve the problems, both for yourself and for others battling with the same issues.

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