Is the PPX620 still in beta test ?

I’m so sad and disappointed with the PicoPix Max.

I was part of the first one to preorder it on Indiegogo.

After eighteen months of occasional use, I still feel it could be so better.

Why don’t we have a classic OS like Android or Fire OS ?

Why can’t it decode a 1080p mkv properly ?

Why is there so many bug ? (the HDMI CEC, the video USB C, etc.)

Why is there so many missing apps (like MyCanal in France) ?

Is there a way to put an alternate OS on the PPM ?

Thanks !

For me the physical Hardware is Pretty good apart from the battery. I would rather had a clip on battery pack which was sold as an extra option. This would of brought costs down for the main product which could of been used on the computer hardware as this is really where the projector fails. I know when this Projector was designed and built that Google were a complete pain but I hope when they release a new Product it will use Google TV and fully support all the Apps correctly.
For me this has been a great Bedroom Projector which is used daily mainly to watch something before falling asleep.

Google doesnt give licenses of Google TV to projectors, but Android TV (licenses) which will also be used on Philips upcoming flagship.


We asked BenQ why the projectors shipped with Android TV rather than the newer Google TV experience, and the company told us that they would have liked to include Google TV, but they couldn’t. The company claims that Google considers projectors a separate category, and the GS50 and GV30 were somehow ineligible for Google TV. The update situation is also interesting, with BenQ claiming it will get patches at least once a year, which seems less than Google’s typical licensing requirements for Play Store access would allow.

… at least we can be somehow sure that the upcoming flagship will have “at least” finally full Netflix and Prime Video Support :wink:

AFAIR: At the end the specific Supplier wasnt able to deliver an proper working Chipset/Board/Whatever …


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Wow I totally missed they were releasing something new.

Do we know what the DLP module is as I find the DLP230NP has a bit bad screen door effect for me, I was hoping the DLP3310 may be cleaner and have less gap between the pixels.

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I’ve juste discover this new model also, looks so nice :heart_eyes:

It seems to be already available online in Denmark [here] ( : Philips PicoPix Max TV PPX720 - DLP-projektor - 4-kanal LED - bærbar - 900 lumen - Full HD (1920 x 1080) - 16:9 - 1080p - 802.11ac trådløs) for 940€uros aprox (even user’s manual is available).

This make me think that the PPX620 was really a beta test projector, that’s why we didn’t get eveything that was promised at the beggining of the offer, some buggs, and poor logistic experience.

This new device seams to be more successful (Android TV, 4 corners, Chromecast…), and get all this things we were dreaming about the PPX620 ^^ but it is also more expensive (X2!)

Also need to take into account that 2 years have passed since the indiegogo pre-order session, and since then other companies have also developped their own Android TV pico projectors.

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Nope the semi-official picture quality from the FCC Documents ( is to bad

Thanks for sharing! The real and retail pictures are looking (off course) way better (and great) than the FCC photos

I’m so angry against Philips.

We paid to be beta testers on a hardware that they simply abandonned.
And now they launch a new projector…

I’ll never buy Philips product again.

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