List of Backers per country

as of the 30th of January


China has a lot less backers than Hong Kong and Taiwan. Was that expected?

Wow! My country Singapore has 815 backers! :open_mouth:

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yes because of language barrier

hi, can you update this tab with shipped units per country? thanks


2 backed in Curacao! :sunglasses:

So the one backer in Bermuda got the PPMax yet? Or has it mysteriously… :warning:

Ok… kidding. Haha :smile:


Cool to see that we in the netherlands with such a small country have so much backers:)

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You have a shipping solution for all these countries :astonished: ?
I think some are a bit tricky to reach, no ?

Could you share screeneo plan to ship to saudi arabia??

I like your country, lived there for 4 months. Well for me no suprise that so much people backed from there :slight_smile:

This is why shipping to korea is late :confused:

Could you update us the list with the amount shipped per country as well?


Waiting for Kuwait shipping :grinning:

I don’t think that Indiegogo supports any Chinese methods of payment. Visa and Mastercard don’t have licences (yet) to operate in China, and China has their own popular methods like Unionpay and Alipay that Indiegogo don’t support. As such those 13 in China probably have banking services in other countries for whatever reason.

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Easy, since Philips is a Dutch company, so it has a lot of trust. But it is only the brand name, it is developped in Switzerland (also a good sign) and made in China (where everything is made).

Can you please let us know what is the shipping plan 9th Feb onwards?

Contribution id. 1107 from Saudi Arabia. When can I expect mine?


Indigogo supports Apple Pay. Backerkit does not. Only European backers were forced to use backerkit for vat payments, so it should have worked in China. Maybe Apple Pay is not popular.

I always wondered what would have happened to European backers without credit card in November …

The only people I’ve seen use Apple Pay or Google Pay are in the United States. I’ve never seen anyone use these systems anywhere else, although I do occasionally see a sticker on a payment device so they must be active in some places.

Even if we look at Germany where many people don’t have credit cards, only EC bank cards, most people know someone in their family or a close friend who has one. I have a German best friend who occasionally calls me to get help booking a plane ticket and we have the usual conversation where I suggest she gets one for herself from a free online bank, and she doesn’t like them so it doesn’t happen. But, it’s not like China where they cannot even be legally offered.