Shipping to Europe

Best post you comments in the ‘general shipping’ and hopefully you’ll get a reply @Philips_Support_N

Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

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#3158 and still nothing here in switzerland…

You should keep an eye on the general shipping thread that is where you will see regular updates and photos of what is going on.

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I got no email yet
#3228 FR / France

That’s correct, as:


hi, backer indiegogo 6463.

I need confirmation that the delivery address of my projector has been changed. Tried to contact you but no answer.
Please come confirm the new address and please confirm the projector will be soon be shipped (Italy).


argh… due to the coronavirus lockdown, my address is closed (company) and I’m stuck in another EU country… On backer kit it says address is locked. any possibility of changing midway?

IGG backer:3475

try or or ask Nono

Hey im backer #34XX and im wondering when I should expect my PicoPix Max. I understand that you had some problems with QC but the amount of time i waited is outrageous.

Hello @IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N contribution id is 20051. I am from cyprus which is in europe. Should i wait the product in these days? With the latest shipping update you covered all europe or a part of it?

Hi Thrasos, welcome!

At the moment there’s little you can do but wait, as Philips is no longer honoring refund requests.
But they’re being built as fast as possible, with a second line being opened next week to help on the production side of things. So hopefully you’ll have yours by April, I’m also waiting on my second one.

I dont want a refund, i was just asking because I didn’t understand if they will cover all europe at once now, no matter what the contribution id is!! Thanks a lot for your response

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As far as I know the current shipment to Europe is only for those backers who were forgotten the last time.

I think there will be several batches to cover all PPM backed by EU people.
With a #20xxx, your shipping may not be right now but, with the increasing production rate, it’ll be maybe sooner than you can imagine :wink:.


Appreciate the current climate in Europe and indeed the globe so anticipate delays. There are so many threads about backer ID’s, fault units being replaced first, etc.

I’m backer 10XXX and based in the UK - does anyone have any rough indication of when my order will be fulfilled?


I’m backer 12670 and based in France.
Have you an update about my order ?


Haha dude I’m 10k and nothing about mine, then yours probably is also not yet there.

Ok So … Wait and See … :slight_smile:

Today’s the day that the tracking numbers are uploaded apparently. I am waiting with baited breath to find out what the excuse is today for the ‘forgotten EU’ people. They can’t even confirm that our backer numbers are included in this batch so it smells like disappointment is on the way yet again.

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