Slightly doubled image

A few months ago I started having a double image, as if the colors (R G B) are not all aligned perfectly. One of them seems to be a few pixels higher than the rest, making text look pretty blurry.

It seemed to have happened after an update, so I thought it was a software issue, and I just didn’t use the projector for a while. After a couple of extra updates, the issue was still there, I tried to look deeper into it, and it seems to be either a hardware issue, or an issue I can’t solve through the settings, or don’t know how to.

What should I do?

Hi @florian we received reports of it from 2 other users. We cannot reproduce it, but a factory reset does seem to solve the problem. Is that something you can try?

I am also facing the same issue. I did a factory reset but it didn’t resolve it.

If i do the below steps its working, but i have to do this everytime i turn on.
Can you please find the issue?

  1. Turn on projector with power.
  2. Turn off the switch not the projector. Now wait for few seconds then the screen will be back to normal.
  3. Turn on the power.

@PhilipsEngineering , I believe I tried, but I will try again!

@Vamsi_Srinivas_Balla what switch do you mean, when you say “turn off the switch not the projector”?

Sadly the factory reset didn’t do anything.

For me, nor the factory reset nor the last update(s?) didn’t do any good as well, what does do the trick for me is pulling the usb c power cord and putting it back again (when I think of it before starting I first switch on the projector and then attache the power cord where after the projector readjusts and the image gets clear)

I also do have the feeling it came with an update but don’t remember which one

(I also have a permanent cloud in the upper right corner and have to aim the projector at the baseboards to get an image on a wall)

Did you calibrate the tilt sensor yet?
Calibration of the tilt sensor – Philips Projection

Since the last update, 1.2.4 ( but not sure that is correlated), I have the same issue.
When I start the ppm, the image is crystal clear and sharp. But after some minutes (2-3), the picture begins to blur more and more.
I did thé factory resets and also calibration but without results.
Sometime after 15, 20 minutes of utilization, the image is less blurred but never sharp than when the pom is just started.

Some advice, please.
I love the ppm, but since I have this problem, it is useless.


For me also the reset didn’t work.

Thank you for your reaction!
I finally made some time to try and looked at the link you provided where it basically said you have to aim it at the baseboards to get an image on the wall.
I was hoping there would be a way to turn the projection down making the cloud in the right hand upper corner disappear but this is not the way.

I had exactly the same problem, only with some files from USB or Internal.
There was no problem with HDMI.

I have download all updates. No result.
I reset PPX with factory settings. The problem is solved.

Hi everyone, those who have this problem – could you please help us identify the reason behind it?

Could you please roll back to the previous firmware V1.1.04 by following the instructions INFO: How to do offline software update?, but use the following firmware file – PPX620 software V1.1.04. Don’t unzip it, just rename to

Does the problem disappear then?

Note: downgrading will not erase your settings.


I was watching my PPM and suddenly the quality of image was worse. Particullary you can see in texts like the homepage. Until that moment the quality was much better.! Now appears like more pixelation or some lines.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at 10.13.45|690x494

Attached images.

I am ver y worried. Is broken my PPM? Any solution?

Hey all,

Seems like it was a bad decision to update the software to v1.2.1. There is some trouble with the display as in there is an overlap of display and it is straining the eye. Funny part is, the problem exists when I project it straight onto the wall. Things are fine when I project it to the ceiling. :sob: Definitely can’t look up all the time.

I’ll start with the “standard procedure” of factory reset and if required cable restore procedure. If someone else is on same boat, or experienced same thing or has constructive feedbacks feel free to ping here. We shall try to figure it out.

I hope the image is clear and gives an idea about the trouble I’m facing.

Just the factory reset worked guys. Here is a similar pic

That’s true, I was researching about it for about an hour to actually ensure it is the problem of update :stuck_out_tongue:

Solution : Once you see the blurry-double display, connect the projector to its charger or disconnect if already connected for 2 seconds. (videos)

Not sure if the factory reset helped it or not as I hadn’t experimented the solution before.

Request to @PhilipsEngineering : Please have a look at the reason for blurry-double display and correct if required. Hope it doesn’t get worse with time or next update.

I’m seeing the same behavior and also noticed the solution with the power cord.
I didn’t get to trying anything else but am interested in a permanent solution!


  1. In your email the link was (size 909Mo) and it was aborted during the installation (Installing system update) because the firmware in the ppx620 is newer.
  2. I download this one in your post: (size 851 Mo), But same message: Error 3003: Can’t install this package, (Mon Aug 3 15:38:52 CSR 2020) over newer build (Fri Feb 5 17:56:54 CST 2021),… Installation aborted.
  3. let me know if I can test something other.

I found something very strange. When it is blurry, if I put it upside down the PPX620, it becomes crystal clear. But if I put the PPM again upside up, after some seconds, it blurry again…
I did a video but the size is too big 31Mo, you can download it from my dropbox


I tried the cor solution, reset to factory and autofocua 15 times to ceiling and wall and no solution. More ideas? Will be solved in next update or return the product and send replacement?