UK Delivery Timescale

Hi everyone,

I finally got my DHL tracking number for my PicoPix Max. The projector was put on a flight in the 11th and my tracking is showing the status electronic info received for the package, which was to be expected.

Just wondering if any other previous UK backers are willing to provide their tracking history so I can get an estimate of when to receive the package :).

I am aware it has to go via German customs so might take a while.


It’s Easter, I wouldn’t expect much to happen until Tuesday. Should be quite quick after that though because DHL are a lot more competent than Philips.
As a side note if you get an app like Flightradar24 you can see DHL flights alongside other carriers. It’s pretty easy to tie the shipping updates to actual flights to see when your projector lands in the U.K.

Yeah you’re right. I think they’re in the Germany warehouse so as you said will probs clear customs after easter!

Funny you say that because I did check Flightradar24 on the 11th and the DHL flight from Hong kong was nice and early at around 09:00am :smiley:

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I’m pending mine to be shipped.

For anyone who has received their unit was there any additional charges to pay on delivery? or is this avoided as coming from Germany and within the single market.

For the the UK we paid VAT prior to shipping so nothing should be due upon delivery!

What backing number were you , I’m 19000 so expecting quite a wait

Backer number 3333

I’m in the 10000’s so reckon i’m a fair few weeks away

I am in the 3000s and that took six months so don’t expect yours until 2022 :slight_smile:

Where is the spreadsheet showing tracking?

Do you mean these:
@Philips_Support_N has provided lists of backers to be fulfilled in recent or forthcoming batches. 1st list 2nd list

I got my tracking number on the 10th April. It never updated from “electronic information received“. Now the tracking number can not be found at all. Did anyone else actually getting a tracking number on the same day actually receive their projector?

Mine is the same I’m guessing it’s under maintenance at the mo I had a tracking number & checked it today that I found it’s no longer there

I also got my tracking number on 10th April and I’m still waiting for it to show any progress. This is what Philips has informed us about the shipment:

If these hold true, we should know more in the middle of next week.

There’s a summary thread, you’ll find this information posted there also.

This “tracking number disappearance act” also happened to my tracking label back in January. It happened right before my tracking started showing more than just the electronic info created bla bla bla. Perhaps it’s a sign that the shipment went through customs and is getting handled by DHL Germany now? :man_shrugging:t4:

Seems to be the case. It finally arrived on Tuesday!

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what are your thoughts? I am holding off buying a new portable floor standing screen until i have tested it