I lost the remote that came with the projector

I lost the remote that came with the projector, is it possible to purchase another one?

Oh no, @AndrewMD you’ve requested a replacement unit! If you don’t send all the accessories you’ll have trouble getting the replacement approved! Please try your best to find it. If still not possible, let me know… we’ll work out a solution.

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On a related note: Are there any plans to create a remote app for smartphones?


Not at the moment, though we are working with Logitech for Harmony support. There is a feature suggestion that we are monitoring: Control PPMax with a dedicated App

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Hi John,

Philips already stated they will look in to this here:

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@Philips_Support_P. As stated, I lost the remote. If it is possible to purchase another remote, let me know.


@Philips_Support_P how many people have Harmony and how many have smartphones… are you sure that your priorities is the customer and not just do what you want?


Philips has made onscreen remote apps in the past. Our research indicates the opposite. There is no point doing what we want, we make products for you our customers. An on screen remote app is terrible user experience for a handful of people. Vast majority wants a physical remote.

That said, just to reiterate: it’s not completely ruled out and we are monitoring the requests.


As much as it pains me but I do 100% agree with you. Nevertheless, even so it is something not easily implemented would be quite handy to have.

Hi Phillips.

Unfortunately my remote has been lost. My small kid may have been involved.

Is there any way that I can buy a new one?

Most of settings can be done on the touch bar. But eg. the focus wheel button is needed to start manual focus.

I really hope that you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

I think this has to be remedied. The remote should be optional and all functions should be possible without it. 2 things that seem to be reliant to it - 4 corner correction and autofocus trigger.

Hello Claus,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost the remote. There was a similar case and discussion. Please check I lost the Air remote that came with the projector .


You can go to Projector Settings > Image > Auto focus and turn it off and on. It will do the auto focus just like pressing the button. 4 corner does require the remote right now.

I see but I think that’s still a bit cumbersome.
I think that should also be added in the right side menu.
Changing wallpaper and refresh apps list should be buried deeper than these important functions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. But can you help me - I would like do buy an new remote.

@Philips_Support_N I think you can assist with this one?


I haven’t yet seen a reply from Phillips on this one. Can you help - please. Thanks in advance.

Hmm is it not possible to do any controls of the remote with a mouse and keyboard?

If yes and if you use android there is an app which makes your phone to an vluetooth mouse and keyboard :wink:

“Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse for PC / Phone”

Can someone test this?^^

I lost my remote control. Is there any recommendation for suitable with Pico-Max. I am in UK.

Thank you

Have a read of this,

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