Issues with List1 and List2 Backers

This is a thread for people who received their tracking numbers in April, but have not received their PPMs.

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Hi my backer kit number was on list 1 15590853. I never received any tracking number nor been sorted in list 2 or 3. My indiegogo ID is 7000. Do you know if I will be on list 3 or any idea of what happen with my ppm not arriving with list 1 dispatch? @Philips_Support_N @imdevu

I waited. Because I wanted to believe you.

Then, after two weeks, I contacted DHL, and here is their answer:

Dear Louis

Thank you for taking time and writing to us.

Please note that the physical shipment has not been handed over to DHL yet by the shipper. They have created an airwaybill copy using DHL software hence due to data transmission our website has been updated as shipment information received. Once physical shipment has been handed over to DHL, our website will be updated as shipment picked up.

Should you require any further assistance, please do let us know.

Best Regards,

Krishna Konar


P.O.Box 6252


United Arab Emirates

I really don’t know who to believe now, since according to them, my parcel is not even with them…

Kindly advise,


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I would like you to go through the following thread. Anyone no new Updates for April 10 Delivery?

This is a standard reply from DHL customer care based on the status. You should have some movement in 24 hours as per information received from forwarder. Thanks.

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My Backer ID 15591067 is in list 2 and yet i have no tracking number? is there a problem even for the shipped items?

Well it’s been 24 hr. I think hongkong has fully lost the projectors

Fellow non eu european backers: I have got “Shipment on hold” now, anyone else getting this when tracking on DHL?

Mine hasnt changed at all, still April 23rd. Crossing fingers something might happen today or tomorrow though.

I am sure my backer_id(15589182)is on the LIST2,I am from TAIWAN.So far I haven’t received any tracking info.


@Philips_Support_N can you please chase dhl hong Kong about the missing projectors. I’m worried about how my tracking has never been active. I feel like dhl are only concerned with EU

Hi Philips,

I am in list 2 my status is shipping from 15.4.20, my backer id is 15588956 ,indigogo id 9637, week ago you told me that my goods are already in HK and i should get another email from backerkit with a new tracking number .
No update yet, please check it out before I miss the new flight too, the previous flight I already missed.
when i will get new tracking number?

DHL tracking “frozen” since the 23d of April… :frowning: Having a tracking number doesn’t mean anything as it’s not updated…

April, 23 2020

23:44 Local time  |  Shipment information received HONG KONG - HONG KONG

Hi all and hi @IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_T.

I am not the kind of person who complain easily but this is clearly too much now and I want to know what is happening !

I’m a early backer from August 2019 from France, I updated my delivery adress before the end of the campaign (11/19) and now my ppmx is lost in the wild.

On the 20th of March I finally got a tracking number like many other fellow Europeans but I still didn’t received anything yet at home!

I’ve tried to contact @Philips_Support_T many times by email but since the 20th of April they simply stopped answering my legitimate question : where is my picopix max ?!?

So I’m asking you here guys, can you please give me an update on where and when my ppmx will arrive at my place ?

I’m sincerely tired of waiting and even thought I’m quite aware of the complex situation the world is atm, I want at least some answers and a minimum of customer service !

Thank you for your time and help !


@IvoGrijt Please add him in the list.


Thx @Philips_Support_N
Backer number 3872

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you have already have a tracking number but seems went back to the warehouse. We are checking with the forwarder @IvoGrijt please add Lucas in the list

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Hi @Philips_Support_N
Please give us informations about shipping to Switzerland. Several persons don’t see any changes on DHL Status since 23. April. DHL tells me, that the Parcel isn’t physically at them. During the phone call I was told that the package was certainly not at customs in Germany or Switzerland.

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To all needing chasing of their tracking: Please pm me your Backerkit ID, Indiegogo contribution ID, tracking number, and at least your postal code.
If you have the first three and don’t mind showing the tracking number, you can also post it here.


backer id 15588956
indigogo id 9637
Dhl tracking number from backerkit that update on 15/04/2020 - 2630212966
zip code 7545440
From Israel
week ago philips talk with me on phone and told me that i will get a new tracking number from backerkit
I didnt get a new tracking and i am also not in the new list

Tnx for the helping


Hi Ivo

Im from Switzerland and mi infos are the following:

  • Dhl Track: 2630213434
  • postal code: 8400
  • contribution ID: 3478
  • Contr. date: 27.08.2019
    I have tracking info since the 23rd of April and nothing happened till now. (Shipment information received) what happened? Is our ppm still in HK?? Thanx for your help!
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