Anyone no new Updates for April 10 Delivery?

Hello @all,

I would like to open this topic for everyone who has no updates for the April 10 Delivery. As far as I know all packages should have been scanned by April 30 an thereby should have got an status update by then. So I am unfortunate and I dont’t have one. I could not find anyone els in this forum but me who has no update nor shipping arrived. If you are in the same situation like me please answer this topic, if not, then do not please. BUT if you have received the package without any update information for the package, that would be interesting!

My strong fear is that the label has either not been applied or has been lost on the way between the production site and the handover to DHL.

@Philips: It would be very nice if you could contact me (of cause I contacted you by email already, but I got the It-Will-Take-3-Days-Excuse-Response-Mail 2 days ago). I hope I do not have to wait again for months for this projector.

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(Just a little info for sideby-reasers: it does not make sense to suggest another tracking website since my delivery is for germany and then I enter my postal code I get my correct adress)


I’m perfectly in the same situation.
No updates since the10th april. Shipping apparenty managed by Vigo Logistics.
I contacted Philips support but I got no answer.

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Dear Philipp,

It´s the same here with me. I live in NRW and had no update since April 10th.
The DHL Sendungsverfolung looks identically. No change since electronic delivery notification. (“Die Sendung wurde elektronisch angekündigt.”)


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Spoke to DHL over the phone, and I was told that they have not received any pickup requests, so they do not have the item with them. I have not gotten any email responses from support. Someone help!

Damn mine isn’t even showing shipment information received, justtracking number not found.

I think they are supposed to be moving on 10th

@frank06 and @Wulf: So we are 3 at least. I found In the Topic General info about shipment and manufacturing I found @gee who just received it in Danmark without movement-updates untill May 6, @thaybs mentioned his shipping moved on May 7, @ASSiNDiA and @Odi mentioned also no movements since April 10.

For me there are still no updates (May 8, 11:00AM).

@bgfnts: You are not in the April 10 delivery to Europe but the April 23 Delivery to Hong Kong - the April 10 delivery to Europe was supposed to be picked up by DHL from EU-Customs on April 30. Please open a new topic for this delivery so we don’t get mixed up

@NPJ: Did you get the Tracking Code for the April 10 Delivery or early May? This topic is only for the April 10 Delivery. There is supposed an new Delivery to Europe booked for May 10. It should then arrive in Europe End of Mai.

@Philips_Support_N or @IvoGrijt: Maybe there should be one separat topic for each delivery package leaving the factory, so people can find informations more easily! Special thanks @IvoGrijt for doing already the sumup for the daily news Philips/Screeneo is posting hidden in all these topics.

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I didn’t move my original topic to this thread. See My topic

Who are you again? Are you someone who can help?

Hi, same situation here. No movement since April 10.
I contacted DHL that said they have not received this order and I should contact the sender.

Emailed backerkit but no response; anyone has a contact email for Philips?

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I received it in april on the 15th, I have had no info at all on the dhl site. Also I am in korea not europe

Hi @bgfnts, I am just someone who is still waiting for the delivery - can’t realy do anything but try to help Others and Philips/Screeno to get organized in their delivery-process :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This sounds like a good idea, but I don’t know how doable it will be. There might be problems in practice, because a lot of people just start new threads without giving enough information for the moderators to be able to move it to the correct thread. But we’ll give it a thought.

Yeah, you are right. But at the moment everybody is shouting everythere and we have General info about shipment and manufacturing and Shipping to Europe - in both topics people are asking differnt status updates for differnt deliverys. Also Philips/Screeneo is sending out tracking codes with telling that these will update only then the shipping arrived at the destination-country (at least for europe).

My suggestion @Philips_Support_N: As soon as you send out tracking codes for the May 10 deilvery start a sticky topic stating “Updated for May 10 Deilvery to Europe” and explain in the first post how it will work including the link to the list for backerkits.

And of cause a lttle note form @Philips_Support_N would be nice to tell us about the status of these packages which didn’t move yet…

@fraho also didn’t get an update…

That would not be a good idea, since we’ve communicated on many places that General info about shipment and manufacturing is the de-facto information place. Plus people won’t initially know which list / thread they’re in, and many questions will be repeated in each thread (which already happens as no one seems to actually read past posts or use the (thread) search)

We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one easy and convenient spot. You can easily find this thread by clicking on the News button in the top menu bar of the forum. Bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

Thanks for your gratitude. We could also have Philips Projection posting in a closed topic where other users can’t comment or ask questions, only to start countless other threads with no context or link to the original, to then get answers that no one else sees, or to have to continually get asked and answer the same questions much like we do now anyways. We prefer to post in an open thread, but this also means the updates that matter get lost sometimes, it’s not us hiding them.

I’ll try to highlight important info from PhilipsNono or other staff with a Staff color, like I have this comment. Perhaps that will help you when you scan through the thread(s).

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I just looked into your summary thread but I am either blind or too stupid to find a relevant information concerning me and the other folks which status hasn’t changed since the 10th of April. This is what I found in your April summary:

For the previous shipment ( List 2 ):

  • Flight departed on 11th of April
  • Arrived the17th in Belgium, blocked for 1 week in Belgium for custom clearance
  • 27th: released from customs
  • 28th: arrived in Germany warehouse
  • 29th: DHL/UPS finished pick up the devices
  • 30: finishing scanning product
    So today, our forwarder told us that we will be able to track devices, already more than 700 devices can already be tracked online. UPS/DHL are scanning it now. Some people can already see their shipment moving. Also for people outside of EU in this shipment: same, scanning now in HK.

The 30th of April was more than a week ago. Is there any information what happened to our parcels?


Hi @IvoGrijt, one topic per shipment was a suggestion not an order :slight_smile:

Still waiting for an offical response from Philips / Screeneo. Anything would be good. Like are the Europe-Shipment get some kind of sorted in the “EU-Warehouse”? Are there still some packages laying around which there not picked up by DHL? I work in a company here in Berlin, Germany where we are also having parcels send out via DHL but we have a documentation of every package which leaves our building because you get a sticker from the DHL-Driver with the tracking code scannend. Or are the pacels not handed out to DHL indivdualy? In this case there might be no chance to see if and where something got lost…


And a damn good one at that it was indeed! :+1:t4:
Just not viable in our eyes unfortunately.

Regarding the whereabouts: I sometimes get the impression not even Philips Projection get the picture completely clear, the shipping industry is crazy at the moment. The units get shipped in bulk to DHL, who then unpacks the bulk and scans the labels. So any labels left unscanned should still be in the bulk or something, but I don’t know about that. Rest assured, everything will turn up and everyone will be fulfilled eventually.

That’s the impression I get as well. For backers and for Screeneo/Philips this is frustrating, as no one here controls these steps in between. It’s like the packages enter a kind of void of information between being dropped off at the forwarder in HK and the last mile to backers. Screeneo are pushing from the back, and backers are pulling from the front, and no one knows exactly what the projector baby is doing in the middle. Is it doing laps over the Himalayas? Chilling in Dubai? Lost in a forest between Belgium and Cologne? Overlooked behind a pallet of stuff in a german warehouse? All we can do is push and pull, and hope the baby pops out at some point


Shipping announced on April 10. Still no update on the shipping status for my tracking ID. And no clarification here. Sad.

Answer from PicoPix-Support:

“Yes we shipped it. DHL is just very slow to pick up and scan…Sorry about this. Will be handled this week.”