Loving my PPM (share your stories & pics)

I want to start a thread as an opposite to the negative reviews and experiences I’ve seen on this forum. Let’s share our succes stories and how we are loving our PPM!

I’m new to the world of projector ownership. The last projectors I bought were two slide projectors in 2000, that allowed smooth transitions from one slide to the next by stacking both projectors on top of each other and linking them.

My kids grew up in a home that first had a 29” Trinitron, then a 46” Sony FHD FALD LCD, and since last year a 75” Sony UHD FALD LCD. They know projectors from school and such but had never seen one in our home.
They haven’t needed one either with the plethora of other screens available around the house.

But still, somehow even my test setup on the kitchen table the other day, drew them into the movie, and they loved the experience of watching a movie on a big screen in the kitchen! Or anywhere for that matter! Thanks to the PPM that’s now possible in our lives.


This is a good one to counter the negativities :smiley:

The max size TV we had at home is 50" and I’ve always dreamed about having a projector for a much bigger screen. I have very poor eye sight and I guess that contributed to that. I’ve started low with projectors 3 years ago when I bought a 480p, 100 lumens pico projector. Then I bought laser pico projector which is 768p and 200 lumens. And now I have PicoPIx Max which is 1080p and 850 lumens and it is a huge upgrade. And now I’m somewhat living my dream :smiley:

Watching movies and gaming on a 100" screen :heart_eyes:

Also to add, I’m now using my PPM in our weekly team meeting in the office :grin:


Indeed its good to spread a bit of positivity.

I must say I am not a tv person at all, not owned one, but usually enjoy from a laptop the odd series or if going movie style I have a panasonic wxga short throw that does a great job in home setting. I also VJ and competent in projection mapping, streaming. I regularly use/rent 50k eur beamers with 20k + lumen and eyewateringly expensive lenses when the situation needs.

I knew exactly what i signed up for with picomax, i expected late delivery and for there to ve the odd bug… its part and parcel of backing items you want to succeed, just because Phillips is household bane doesn’t mean they have to play different rules.

This little device is ideal for quick wireless set up… it was a ball-ache to set up the short throw to be honest, especially with two young kids and i hazards of two trailing power cables and 4k euro sitting on the coffee table, which always drew drinks and snacks… i never really enjoyed a movie rather than policing my kit.

Having an OS with onboard content is simple, there is enough connectivity to suit any set up and the brightness… totally rocks for such a little device, i rarely take it off eco as the fan sound annoys me, but if i were mapping or testing a vj set up then i would put it full. Having 3 Of these would give you an ideal 3d capability to simulate a scale show even.

Wireless and battery pack options are useful fir on the go, although i agree with most here the carry bag isnt up to scratch (neither the tripod) But its easy enough to upgrade these according budget and spec. I have a graveyard of tripods, peripherals and cases from gopros that were similar price range and … pretty limited lifespan, buggy as hell things.

The hdmi 4corner thing is a bummer, but not unsolvable, any mapping software will allow multipoint mapping to any surface shape and allow a passthrough video… admittedly no one will drop several hundred euro on Resolume or madmapper but there are opensource options and even android native apps for this.

I cant defend the software UI, however i try (i ux designer by day) it really sucks but will get solved before year end, no way phillips will put it in the commercial market like this fir double the backer price.

I now see new “brightest ever picko” on indigogo and putting down the colour lumen claims… meh, dont get too hung up on minute details, look to the overall user experience… i watch more downtime content now with my family, and that’s all i asked for, job well done @Philips_Support_P and @Philips_Support_N and team, sure its been a journey!


Extremely happy with mine too. First time I’ve owned a projector. I bought a simple portable screen that pulls up from the floor and can be hidden away behind the curtains when not in use. Image quality of projector is superb. I bought a Roku Premier 4K (£30) as I wanted to be able to access the various UK streaming apps that are not available on the PPM and I use the Roku is my default software for the device - it’s a small dongle that hangs off the HDMI port. They make a perfect pair. I really don’t understand all the negativity - for the price the device is superb and although I have yet to travel with it, I can see it will be excellent for those boring business trips.


Very happy user here too…

My first OOTB experience was bad as I did not know you can pair the remote with Bluetooth. (After first boot, didn’t see any message or anything?)
I was swearing at the unusable IR remote, and the touchpad being fiddly trying to find my Netflix content.

Have now paired the remote, and linked the audio to my JBL soundbar and very happily watching movies and series.

The streaming via Airplay or built-in Googlecast is still not working very well for me, but this is probably also some fiddling with settings needed. Will investigate side-loading apps soon to get some local broadcast apps (and Disney+ in time for the new Mandalorian!)

For me the image quality and portability is amazing, looking forward to some summer time movies on the rooftop here in central Amsterdam. :smiley:

I appreciate the in-depth technical info provided by the Philips team, and their candid sharing of the challenges. Hope this does not get them in hot water with management or suppliers, the fact that they are sticking out their necks like this is a huge pluspoint. Well done!


I received my PicoPix Max 30 days ago and it’s been faithful the whole time, just hosted a movie night last night using the headphone jack with a sound system, the picture is bright and high quality (given that contrast isn’t great, especially since I always project onto bare walls)

I’ve posted before with some photos and details on what aspects really work well for me: My PicoPix Max 10-Day Review if you’re on the good side of the Android support it functions quite cleanly.

I’m really looking forward to a new software version to fix some of the UX annoyances :slight_smile:

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I have had my picomax for a bit more than a month and bar the odd gripe with regard to Netflix which works sometimes and not at others, i love this little piece of kit
I have paired it my Bose revolve+ and it makes for such an awesome movie experience, indoor and out.
Wont go into the UI which i am sure will get much better soon (hint hint :slight_smile:)
When netflix works its a pleasure, Amazon prime not so much
Playing from my ipad pro via USB C is awesome.
playing from USB also works pretty well though i did have some sound sync issues. restarting the bose seemed to sort these out though.
I use an old camera tripod instead of the supplied one as it just works better for my needs

Very glad i committed to buying this little gem and i look forward to the software development making this even more loved



Yes. I have a Gosho projector with 720p and 200 lumens. Ppm max is a superb upgrade. Glad I bought it for my own birthday! 850 lumens is so bright for such a small footprint. Haha. Wife now starting to appreciate it too. Just need to find more love dramas for her.


Hey @kugiigi, I’m very interested in your gaming experience. How is it? Any delays/lags? Is it fun gaming on it?
I’m planing on making multiplayer nights with this gem as soon I get mine (which will take a while since I’m somewhere 13xxx… Can’t wait for mine! :heart_eyes:)

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@ronaldtai Good thing your wife approves your PPM otherwise, you could have said that it’s a new router :rofl:

@Gizem_Goezmen It’s totally fine and I’m enjoying my game :grin: I’m not too keen with input lags though as I only play single player games so maybe it’s just me but based on some reviews, anything less than 50ms is quite acceptable for gaming and the measurement for PPM is ~38ms.

@kugiigi uh that sounds pretty nice! Thank you!

I like to share my experience with PPM. I ordered 2 units of PPM separately.

When the 1st unit arrived on 22nd Jan, I immediately noticed an issue with the auto-focus, that basically does not come into focus, despite testing at various distance. Even if I try to manually shift the unit closer/further to the wall, it don’t seemed to be able to find the focal distance. So I had to navigate around the interface that is not in focus, and unable to read some really fine-font words.
Also, when the unit was performing the “focus” it made some strange cranking sounds which doesn’t seemed natural for for the job.

I was devastated, as I was especially looking forward to this indiegogo backing. And I worried my 2nd unit might arrive with the same issue.

I contacted Philips, whom they replied very swiftly on the next day. And after filing up an online form, I was arranged a 1 to 1 exchange. The FedEx is still being arranged (from 26th Jan when I submitted the required online form for exchange), but I understand the CoVid virus might be the cause for the logistical delay.

That’s very much my experience with my first unit of PPM.

Few days after my 1st PPM , the 2nd unit arrived. This time, there were no issues that I can pinpoint. Once I powered it up, I immediately fell in love with it.
I believe it is as promised in the indiegogo campaign - the image is stunning, even compared to my Xgimi H2 (H2 supposedly with brighter specs).

My complain is the difficult to type, which is probably only required when setting up accounts. It’s really not easy to swipe the cursor across the screen esp if for high-secured type password configurations.

I was hoping to find a remote-mouse solution from the app-store which allow me to use my mobile phone’s keyboard. But no such app. Still, there is the option to use a Bluetooth/Tongle physical keyboard (preferably with touch pad).

Audio wise, for such small device, there is nothing to shout for. But I already intended to use it with my bluetooth speakers, which gives more flexible room-audio layout.

Many backers complained about the lack of apps in the pre-installed app store.
To me, the projector is mainly for watching movie purpose. So, the app-store does have many streaming sites, which I believe covers 95% of most people usage. I also double up my PPM with a Chromecast plugged in. So practically, I can view anything on the big screen. Including MS office softwares, VPN protected media, easily from my phone.

In my 2 years usage of H2 + Chromecast, I realized that I solely use it to cast media/app from my phone. Or in some cases, I just connect my laptop taking the good old HDMI.

Noise/Heat wise, it is not noticeable. Compared to my H2, H2 has louder “machine sound” and emits much hot air. But H2 has very powerful speakers, so that’s understandable.

Overall, it’s a tiny and truly portable machine, packed with high level specs, now, we can really bring a projector to a gathering, and enjoy a movie with friends, without compromising image-quality. I definitely love it more than my H2 now.

Thank you Philips.
And kudos for the quick response to my exchange request.


I took mine into the office today as some colleagues had asked me to do so after I told them about the PPM.

By the end of my demo in total daylight with office lights on (they work on sensors with no user accessible switch) I managed to convince 1 co-worker to buy one and 5 others requested the IGG link. A few joked that I was getting a commission for “selling” the product, but I told them I wasn’t, that I’m merely an enthusiastic fan and wanted to share that with them. I did tell them to by all means read some reviews and research the PPM before buying, and also made sure they realised that a lot regarding production depends on the Corona situation in China and elsewhere.

One colleague asked me “What’s your use case?” to which I replied “It’s for all the times I do have a use case but no projector to use!” :rofl:


Hello and thank you for taking the time to write your review!

I’m an xGimi user myself but the H1 model. I have a friend who has H2 and it’s not a big update from H1.

Your review makes me a bit impatient to get my hands on the PPM. I had higher hopes for the built-in speakers but not much of a problem, so I’ll just use a bluetooth one.

I’m really glad to hear that noise/heat wise is compared to the H2 as this is something I can relay to.

My Daughter was enjoying… I have no power… PPM + JBL Extreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker. Loving it…


As the schools in the Netherlands are closed as of the 16th of March to help prevent the further spread of the Corona virus, the kids are now getting assignments via and joining e-learning. Today I set the PPM up as the Google Hangouts videoconferencing screen for the youngest, so he could see his teacher and classmates, while he had his schoolwork on the laptop itself

And yes, that’s me working on the news update summary thread. :slight_smile:


Other than watching Netflix and Youtube videos on my PPM.
I want to share my usage purpose of this great device!

Playing Zwift (indoor cycling app) in Android and Ipad.
Through mirroring via PPM, I can project it to my white wall.

From my laptop connected to my PPM via HDMI cable.

Same as above but this time, with F1 2019 game on my laptop with steering wheel controller.
Great FOV with PPM as screen projecting to plain white wall.
Latency is very good, I can’t notice any lags while playing.

Your Zwift setup is probably the best use of the PPM to date! I wish I had an indoor trainer (and the space for it) so that I could do something similar when my PPM arrives. Which trainer do you use?

At this moment of time, those things that keep me sane from staying home.

Btw, I’m using Tacx Neo 1. One of the best things I ever bought since I started cycling. =)