V1.1.03 now available for beta testing

Hi beta testers,

v1.1.03 of PicoPix Max software is now available for beta testing for the next couple of days. Barring any show-stopper bugs, it will be released to the public on Tuesday.

This update is about internal stability. The change-log is as follows:

Bugfixes & improvements

  • Resolved an issue that could make the projector unresponsive when HDMI is plugged in.
  • Picture Sharpness setting is now set to 5% by default.
  • Resolved an issue that some USB2 and USB3 drives are not recognized.
  • Resolved an issue that inserting HDMI and pressing the volume key once will jump two frames.

Internal stability

  • Resolved an issue that could occasionally result in generation of corrupted differential updates.
  • Reduce the probability of memory leaks.
  • Resolved an issue with OEM partition validation after multiple reboots, that could lead to online upgrade failure.
  • Added a feature to reset video chip configuration to defaults after installing factory update image.

App updates

  • The home screen launcher is updated to v1.4.2 – internal stability and i18n update, no user-visible changes on PPX620.
  • NEW: Amazon Prime Video TV version is replacing the tablet version – please see separate download below
  • The following applications have been updated:
    • Kodi (v18.7.2)
    • VLC (v3.2.11)
    • TED TV (v2.0.4)
    • Hulu (v4.2.0.408850)
    • ExpressVPN (v8.1.0.28747-Philips)
    • SmartYouTubeTV (current latest – this app is updated very frequently, it’s possible it’s already out of date by the time this update is released)
    • AirReceiver (v4.9.1-Philips-20200711) – please see separate download below

How to download and install

Please download the file from here and then follow the offline update process.

Next, download and install the following two APKs:

  1. Prime Video TV – it’s recommended to uninstall the previous version of Prime Video first.
  2. AirReceiver

The reason you have to install them separately is that there wasn’t enough space on the OEM partition to update them. We are moving towards a separate update system which will solve these issues and make it possible for us to issue app updates independently from OS updates.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.


Thank you very much for this. Stability improvements are great although I’m pretty sure there will be people who will complain the lack of “visible” improvements in this update especially that it’s been a while since the last update :grin:

I wish we can also have the TV version of Netflix but I guess Amazon is kinder than Netflix :stuck_out_tongue:

One last thing, can you please change the term i18n? I don’t think non-developers would understand that :wink:

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What’s new in the AirReceiver app? I only notice the help section on the bottom learn how to use AirReceiver, but is there any improvements made to airplay?

No, airplay mirroring from my Mac is much worse than before, by up to a 10 second delay at first that includes mouse pointer movement to screen changes while sound coming out of the pico is in sync with the Mac screen, after a while it does catch up a lot but still very noticeable, while airplay from the iPhone is overall very good slight delay on screen but when playing a YouTube video sound is just about perfectly in sync

How does one revert to an older firmware @Philips_Support_P?

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Save that file in case you need it

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Thanks, does this mean going back to an older firmware is as simple as placing that file on the usb and following the offline update steps? If so then I’ll need older firmwares. Trying to revert mine to the one it came with out of the box a week ago because that one had great autofocus and ever since the update I’ve lost it. Have to manually focus each time now.

I have not been able to successfully revert to an older version of firmware myself yet. But I haven’t tried hard enough really.


To be honest I don’t know, I thought about it too after I posted that link, yeah it may not be that simple as the pico probably knows it’s not new

I wonder if we renamed it to 1.1.04 will it trick it to do it?

It has to be called update.zip, so unless you rename something in the file…

Yep got ya

  1. The 3rd party app unable to write to SD card bug is still present. This creates a 3x increase in the time it takes for us beta testers to apply a manual update. THIS WILL BE THE LAST BETA I TEST UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.

  2. Custom shutdown timer still cannot be set using the mouse.

  3. After installing prime video from above link, I now have 2 copies of this app on my home screen. App 5.2.13 linked above bugs: does not respond to mouse clicks using AirMote; occasionally shows “there is a problem with this HDMI cable” when starting to play a title (randomly works on next try); no ability to force download of a title as far as I can find. Tablet version does seem to have less scaling issues and a bit higher quality video rendering than the Aptoide version of the app however. Both versions of the app drop frames with huge action (The Expanse S04E01 opening battle scenes for example).

The thing that I really wanted to see is the removal of the requirement of auto-keystone correction to use the extra GPU performance. I don’t like having it enabled all the time but I also want the best performance all the time.

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That whole thing is still confusing to me, I thought the whole idea is to disable any corrections so as not to interfere with hardware acceleration as it will free up resources and not enable auto keystone, I also remember reading that it only needs to be toggled to turn on once?

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It’s actually only the 4 corner correction that affects the GPU performance. Vertical keystone correction is not handled by the GPU. I believe it’s just the way they implemented it technically. Enabling auto-keystone correction will disable 4-corner correction so I guess that’s where it’s simplest and easiest to put the logic. If you ask me, just put the logic when all edge values in 4 corner correction is zero then totally disable it. Another approach is to put a toggle for 4 corner correction.


Please focus your testing on what’s changed, not on bugs that are still present since last time, since they are also pending in our internal task list.

@PhilipsEngineering -

We are not mind readers, we don’t know what is on your internal task list since that is not shared here. 3rd party write to SD bug was incorrectly marked as fixed in 1.0.27 and I have not seen it acknowledged as a bug since.

Please respect the time of those volunteering to do beta testing by fixing this, formalizing bug tracking in a proper manner (dedicated forum section, GitHub, mantis, other solutions, etc) and remembering to thank those that are trying to help improve the product that you are drawing a salary and profiting from.

We don’t really have to be mind readers, we just have to pay attention.

Same here; but the TV Interface is a great step forward to be a real Retail Product (But to be honest I think it is to late with the Autumn Lineup from different vendors incl. Philips just around the corner)