Announcement: Philips Projection team expansion

We’d like to thank all the moderators again for their support and hard work to moderate this community, to help resolve the various issues and complaints of the backers, and for trying their best to keep everybody informed and calm during this long ordeal.

In order to be more effective in our Community answers and to support everyone of you we have decided to increase the Screeneo resources focused on this project and would like to announce that @PhilipsIvo has been asked to and accepted the invitation to join the Philips Projection (Screeneo) team as an additional part-time support for everything to do with the Indiegogo project.

We have started training him on the back office procedures and give him access to the key systems so that he can begin supporting you all on various issues as quickly as possible.
He’ll now be able to help out with, amongst others:

  • address changes
  • tracking label requests
  • return & replacement logistics

Welcome aboard Ivo! :wave:t3:


@PhilipsIvo please pin the announcement


About time. Well deserved Ivo.


Good on you !


Very good idea, well deserved !


Congratulations @PhilipsIvo on your promotion :slight_smile: Also thanks @PhilipsNono for the improvements to the list, using Indiegogo ID will make things much more transparant, and reduce the unneeded questions on how to retrieve your BackerKit ID… Nice job!


good on ya Ivo fair play to u :+1:

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You put in the time so well done


Yes!!! I will vote for @PhilipsIvo in half a heartbeat! And now I will chase after you for my replacement unit logistics… Hi hi hi… I know I am in good hands


You’re all allowed to chase me now, and I won’t be able to say that I don’t work for Philips Projection! :rofl:
:man_dancing:t4: :running_man:t4: :running_woman:t4:

As I’m now contracted and under the proper NDA’s and such, I can actually get cracking with thos individual requests and such.

One condition though: please give PhilipsNono some room to actually get the projectors made and to you all. Talk to me and the other moderators and we will take the matters that I can’t solve to him. Less noise means more work done. :muscle:t4:


Well done IvoG, does that mean you can raise direct support tickets with them?

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Hi IvoG, when will my Support Requests be answered?
I have mailed a Request 9 days ago (#18997) and got no answer :frowning:

Unfortunately at the moment these are my focus areas:

on top of the forum moderation and beta-testing.
So if you need support to ttroubleshoot before needing the support staff, by all means post here, we have a very tech-savvy community willing to help you determine if it’s a user error (usually) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or an actual defect :wink:

But other stuff I’m afraid is still outside my scope @Nils

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Great and very well deserved :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:!


@PhilipsIvoG congrats!


But can you help my with my delivery problem? The parcel was on delivery but was returned to the sender and was not delivered. maybe the company name was missing at the label?

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That’s a very positive and encouraging post. Well done done Philip’s and IvoG.

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Yes! I’ve been specifically asked to handle this after some events earlier today.

I’ll need more details from you in a PM, like Backerkit ID, IGG contribution ID, name backed with, and which address to have it resent to if different from originally