Issues with List3 Backers

This is a thread for people who received their tracking numbers in May, but have not received their PPMs or are battling with shipping issues.

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OK now finaly there IS something showing on the tracking information but it’s not necessarily good news… This is what it looks like:



May, 17 2020

  • 07:00 Local time | Shipment on hold HONG KONG - HONG KONG


May, 15 2020

  • 05:20 Local time | Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG
  • 04:50 Local time | Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG
  • 04:49 Local time | Processed at HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG
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Hi Philips,

My backer id: 15585284
Tracking number: KECT00184265

I have received the tracking number 2 weeks ago from the forwarder here in Hong Kong - Kerry Express. However the projector is still not delivered to me after 2 weeks.
After consulted with the forwarder, they investigated and replied that you have missed to send them my projector hence they do not have it in their warehouse, despite that the tracking number was generated.

The forwarder (Kerry Express) said they have been getting in touch with you to report this missing stock. I believe you are aware of this.
I just want to know if you are going to arrange another delivery and put me on the coming batch?


Why did indiegogo ID 10675 still not shipped? Hong Kong backer should be separated from EU/rest of the world batch?

I don’t know why this was moved here… iT’S NOT A LIST 3 ISSUE…(assuming list 3 is the latest but of course who knows!!!)
My shipment was sent on the 23d of April and was dead till the 14th of May… and since then SHIPMENT ON HOLD!!!

Hi, have you contacted with Kerry Express?

Mine is stuck since May 9th…called Kerry they told me they have not received my projector (because Philips has not shipped my unit to them even though they provided a tracking number)

Whats going on? My parcel is back to „on hold“ @Philips_Support_N could you explain me?

we are sorry but we don’t work for DHL.
I’m sorry to always say the same thing but when it goes to DHL side, we can’t control what they do or say.
issue are different for each and every tracking number.
So just need to wait to be unblocked. I had exactly the same issue with my shipment, then I waited patiently and it arrived.

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But i was on the same List in the same country…

yes, but the only way is to call DHL and check

This company brings me so much frustration. Over a month ago I informed Philips team that they sent the goods to the wrong address. I was told that a new unit would be sent to the right address. After waiting for quite a long time (again) I noticed that the address provided to DHL is still the old and wrong one. I informed the team of that as well and after knocking in every door possible finally received a response: the problem was being dealt with. Unless it wasn’t. The projector (if it really exists, I actually now doubt it) was delievered to the wrong address. SECOND TIME. @Philips_Support_N ignores my PMs and I don’t really know what to do. I’m tired of waiting and want my case handled ASAP or my money back. Also ASAP. Not in another month.


@Philips_Support_N can we review the case for Kushner please.

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Can you please advise on my case?
Even though you have updated the record to shipped and given a tracking number, you have not passed on my unit to the forwarder Kerry Express so that they cannot proceed to the delivery.

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N I am from Hong Kong and my Indiegogo ID 10861, Backerit ID 155880088 is on the list 3 which was to be dispatched on May 18th. Has this been dispatched please? I have not received any intimation and even the Backerit account does not show anything. As its HK flights may not be required. Can you please check and update if its actually dispatched? Many thanks

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N
Contributor ID: 13321
Shipping Country: France

I received a tracking link which is actually not working.
Also, I tried to modify my shipping address without success…
How can you help with these 2 topics?

Hello, just got my tracking number with Kerry logistics,
its KECT00209520 to Barcelona Spain,
and it says that it is already delivered ???

so who got my projector and who paid vat at the door?

Thank you

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Same exact situation here (I’m from Italy).
I’ve received my email yesterday: it says “delivered on 16/05” but the projector is yet to be seen.

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_N
Would anyone help to advise on this case?

Many thanks.

Received a tracking number on the 17th that was stating that DHL didn’t receive the package from Phillips yet.
Starting today DHL tracking started saying that the numbers does not even exist, before going agin to “instructions data have been provided electronically”

Can you please advise ?