Individual status update requests

As has been communicated before, Philips will not give out individual status updates to backers on a on-to-one basis.

A lot of users indicate that they find the forum hard to use to find news updates, and that all the off-topic discussion and personal status update requests confuse them.

To try to keep the shipping information and discussion threads on topic, we will from now on move these kind of personal requests to this thread instead, where only the staff can answer them IF they’re so inclined and capable.

If a question is of importance to a bigger group it will be allowed to remain in the original thread.

Note: There will be no opportunity for discussion in this thread, if you need to change anything to your update request you should be able to edit it.


Hi folks, first time checking in, so many messages and subjects on this board i am LOST.
So, in all humility, may i ask how things are planned to work out ?

-I understand that there is 700’s something pieces yet to be delivered in France (I am in France) are you able to tell just with my backer kit number 13,662 if or when will i get mine ?
-I came across a thread that said backer kit number means nothing i need to wait to be contacted with further numbers more appropriate ?
If anyone can just guide me a bit though this it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks everyone stay safe !

Kindly confirm the estimate date of shipping for my
Indiegogo contribution #19337 or Backerkit Order #11790861
Order is placed on 03/12/2019 and still the shipment is not yet shipped so kindly update the estimate date asap

Hello, I ordered in November, my contribution ID is 15182 and I’m located in The Netherlands. On it’s all locked down, but ‘not shipped yet’. Can you please tell me what the current estimate is, given delays in China and the current situation worldwide, when shipping might take place? Thankyou in advance.

Can I know the date of shipment


@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_T
Am I on the list now?


Could you please let me know what is the status of my order? Has it been shipped to the UK already?
BackerKit ID: 15587061
7,917th order (I think)
Do you need any further information?


#17054, CZ Czech Republic

Contributed in October and have no DHL tracking link
Please advise.

My contribution ID is 17236
Contribution Date is October 14, 2019
When is the expected date of delivery, based on that I need to decide changing the delivery address.


Excuse me,I would like to know why I didn’t got any update about my projector. no shipping information from DHL/UPS. I just keep waiting. Am I miss something I have to do first?
My Contribution ID is: 10674
Contribution Date:September 20, 2019

I will be happy if I can receive any reply.

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Have you received an email from the address with the subject “Response Needed – Get your reward for Philips PicoPix Max - 1080p Full HD Pico Projector”? The message contains a link to a survey, which you need to fill in. If you already have done that, there’s nothing else to do than to wait for a shipping confirmation mail. If you haven’t filled in the survey, you need to do that before anything happens.

Hi I’m backer no 5728 or similar from Hungary. I m patient, but I would like to know the expected shipping week. Thanks


My Contribution ID


Is it shipped now or not ?


My backup kit ID is 11587716.
indiego distribution ID 8627
This is Korea.
I understand that some Koreans received DHL invoice numbers yesterday.
But I didn’t get it. Am I not receiving it?
Please check.

hello my indiegogo contribution id is 10542 in France can you tell me if i’m in the next ship please?


What is the latest for shipments to Sweden? I have backer id 15585281, is it possible to know if I am close to getting a tracking number?

Have a nice weekend!

Individual status update requests


Contribution ID : 14227
Contribution Date : October 3, 2019

Could you please let me know what is the status of my order? What is the latest for shipments to France?

Have a nice weekend,

@PhilipsNono I’d really appreciate any update on when ID 11585932 is expected to be shipped


My Indegogo Contribution ID is 16039.

Is it possible to comment when will I receive my kit?


Hi waiting from oktober 2019. A delay is a pity. But what’s shameful is no updates and no replies to several requests!
My ID 11766 Belgium
Please reply for once and estimate date of delivery.