Shipping in Italy?

You always talk about shipments in different states. But in Italy when do you plan the ship? Is there any Italian who has received PicoPix?
Thank you

Hi and welcome on this forum
You will fond more informations on that page :

Ciao! Io l’ho ricevuto a fine gennaio! Dipende quando l’hai ordinato e poi come avrai letto ci sono stati ritardi dovuti a problemi interni e a cause di forza maggiore. Comunque posso garantirti che è meglio riceverlo quando il software sarà ben sviluppato perché al momento io lo utilizzo davvero poco. Ancora molto limitato. Ciao e spero arrivi presto anche a te

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Hi @Tommaso_Dall_Osso

If you want help or response only from Italian people, your post is fine.
If you want help or response from other countries people, from moderators and from Philips team, please post in English :wink:.

Lol. Thanks but that was a specific answer to an italian buddy! :raised_hands:t2:

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I’d like to know in this particular country how the plans are for delivering, if you are in lockdown due to covid19. Will the delivery held back or returned to sender??

At the moment the lockdown doesn’t affect shipping services (ups/dpd/dhl etc). And actually they’re quicker than ever cause there is no traffic around :sweat_smile:
I’m waiting for the shipment (no hurry but I’m just like a kid waiting for Christmas :joy:) and wondering when (@PhilipsNono ) will ship to Italy (I have backer Id 20xxx)

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Ciao Tommaso perdonami una domanda?
Il numero backerkit è quello che ti arriva quando effettui il pagamento delle imposte giusto?
Io ho diversi numeri. Ho comprato su Indiegogo con numero 11xxx e quando ho pagato le imposte (90 euro circa) mi è uscito un messaggio tipo "Orgoglioso di essere il ° su @BackerKit per Philips PicoPix Max - Proiettore Pico Full HD 1080p.

Non ci sto capendo più niente. Non so nemmeno a chi scrivere.
Se hai qualche dritta scrivi pure.

Hi Tommaso forgive me a question?
Is the backerkit number what you get when you pay the right taxes?
I have several numbers. I bought on Indiegogo with number 11xxx and when I paid the taxes (about 90 euros) I got a message like "Proud to be the ° on @BackerKit for Philips PicoPix Max - Full HD 1080p Pico Projector.

I’m not understanding anything anymore. Not so even to whom to write.
If you have any advice, write well.


Ho risolto grazie.

Per scoprire il proprio backerkit id bisogna essere ingegneri informatici.

  • Go to
  • Right click with the mouse and choose View Source or Page Source (depending on the browser);
  • On the newly opened page (you’ll see a lot of code), search for (cmd+F on Mac / ctrl+F on Windows) backer_id .

Ciao! Scusa ho letto tardi! Contento che tu sia riuscito!

To properly understand all these ID’s and numbers, please read this explanation by a fellow forum user: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.)

I received tracking number on May 18, 2020. To date there are no updates on the DHL website. The only voice present in page is: The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically.

I contacted DHL who told me that the following number is only for one booking but that the package containing my goods never came to them. They invited me to contact the sender as they had no further news to give me.

Is it possible to know where my package with the projector is? I’ve been waiting like everyone for a long time.

Who can I contact for more details?


Hi @PhilipsIvo
Can you help me?


Hi @Alfredo_Donisi
can go through the below section in the News link on the top right corner, however I believe that this time the delays will not be this long as previous cycles:

Delays in tracking explained

Please read this to see how the shipping process works in our case: explanation by IvoG or
explanation by PhilipsSteve

Hello !
Can someone please help me find out the scheduled shipping dates of PPMax to Italy?
Alternatively, a list with estimated shipping dates sorted by #backerID numbers would be very useful to all backers, I think.
Thanks and regards,
stay safe!
Andrea - Firenze Italy - contribution ID 10848

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There is no such schedule nor list at the moment, and I don’t foresee one coming either.

We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one convenient spot. Best you can do is to bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

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Thank you Ivo

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Got my DHL tracking on April 10th and yesterday got a first update:

The international shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin, Köln, Germany

So the PPM is on its way to Genova, Italy! YaY!

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Sorry to disturb IVO,
how can I view the lists of baker_ID number which are about to ship to Europe, as Philips informed they have just published?

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