Tracking number is not working

Hi there

I was take an e-mail for tracking number on 15. April.
But that tracking number is still not working.

Please check this issue.

Thank you!!

Same situation here. I also received an email on 15 April with a DHL tracking number but until now, DHL’s website still says the tracking number does not exist.

Does anyone know the cause of this and how/when it plans to be resolved?

Exactly the same issue. I just sent an email to their support site today.

Elsewhere on this forum, PhilipsNono who handles shipping matters posted that DHL prioritizes medical shipments at the moment. Everything else might have even quite long delays. For instance, the latest EU shipment was on a flight from Hong Kong on the 12th April, but is still in customs and according to the latest information it will not be cleared until next Tuesday.

I wouldn’t worry, the projectors will arrive.

got this reply.

Philips Support (Philips Projection)

Apr 22, 14:05 CEST


It’s normal, your tracking will be updated once your PicoPix Max will be released by customs, it can take 1 week


Philips Projection

PROJECTOR/FAX/STB Philips Consumer Care

My tracking is stuck from April 10. I contacted Philips, they say it may take up to a week to se updates. I contacted DHL, they say they have no idea about the shipment and I should contact Philips. It is already 12 days. I am starting to doubt about veridicity of veracity of information we are given.

Yep me too. Tracking email from 10th April… still not on dhl system. It’s a very long week !!!

This is why your tracking number isn’t working yet:


We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one convenient spot. Bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

This kind of information is prominently featured in that post.

Hi IvoG,

I just checked my tracking number which I received on the 15th April it says since the 23rd April DHL says on the tracking page: Shipment Information Received, nothing more. Does that mean the goods haven’t moved since the 9 days?

I just wonder why Philips don’t send out the tracking number when they ship the product like all other companies I backed so far. I simply looks not very professional, considering the brand name they have.

I guess this is what people here complain.

Best regards


People have been begging Philips to let them know even before they have a tracking label that there will be a tracking label (hence the Backerkit lists they’ve posted). That’s why they (and every other company shipping goods) gives you the tracking info as soon as they have it, to get that out of the way.

The shipment was being held up at the customs inspection point in Germany, but was finally cleared yesterday and will be picked up by DHL / UPS today and will then show another status by tomorrow.

Please follow the summary thread to gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

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No updates from DHL today, discording to what has been said in the past week and again confirmed yesterday… My shipment page in DHL has not updated since inception April 10th. Any forecast solution?

No updates today for me either - im also in the april 10 boat, 3 weeks in the same place seems insane.

@Philips_Support_N said there should be an update for the 10th of April shipping at 6pm GMT

It’s getting pretty close to 6 with no update…fingers still crossed!

Hey I’m sitting next to my iPad and can’t wait if there is an actual update :joy:


You need to wait at least one month before you get an update. This is Philips. Lol

Did you guys see this? Come on, DHL don’t have a magic wand that they wave and Poof! all the packages are scanned guys!
:mage: :package:

If there’s change for even 1 package in the batch then the others will follow also, no reason to act this way guys.



Edit: still no update for me, guess i got excited too early.

Sorry, your tracking attempt was not successful. Please check your tracking number.
Is the error I get when I enter the tracking information I was given in backerkit.
In backerkit it says I will need to wait two days for the information to show.
However It is now 5 days later and still can’t track it.
Please advise on the next steps.
Contribution order # is 18011

I think a major problem with this tracking issue is in the email title.
‘Your items for Philips PicoPix Max - 1080p Full HD Pico Projector have shipped!’

Then when Backerkit says info will be updated within a couple of days, confusion arises. This site is horrible to navigate and not everyone will be on here either way. So you just have to make the messaging better than it is.
I too was confused when I received this email and saw nothing happening for the last week, with DHL only giving an error message when clicking on the link.

This whole thing has been a pretty horrible experience. The only hope is that I’ll be happy with the product itself when it finally arrives. But who knows when that will be.

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