What I did to setup the PPM?

  1. Connect PPM to a Charger while you read the Quick Start Guide
  2. Turn it on and Pair AirMote with PPM
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi and update the PPM to the latest version (Or update firmware via offline method)
  4. Configure regional settings. Ensure that the date/time is displaying correctly updated
  5. Start using the PPM. Fall in love :heart: .
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Might be helpful to add in here not to update the Netflix app - I don’t know how many times I’ve read on here that people have done that without reading the 1000+ times it’s been mentioned not to ! hah.


Hi All,

A lot of you have got the PPM this week and will set it up soon. I’ve made this thread to update what you did to set it up. The first post is created such that anyone can update it. Please go ahead and add it.

Some other threads to look at:

why don’t you try updating it in the first post!

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