Recommended Accessories for the PicoPix Max

Hi all! Creating a topic for everyone to share recommendations on accessories for the PicoPix Max, for example powerbank that works well with it, screens or any others, be it essential or not!

I personally don’t think we need yet another such thread, especially since we have dedicated compilation threads

  1. Accessories - non-essential spending on my PPM :)
  2. Favourite PPM compatible accessories

as well as separate dedicated ones:

  1. Any case / bag is recommended for the PPM?
  2. Working external battery pack?
  3. PPM Power requirement
  4. Recommendations for 2 meter USB-C - USB-C cable?
  5. Rii i4 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad and Scroll Wheel
  6. type of projection screen
  7. What's the best (light weight, portable, inexpensive, quality, good size) screen to buy?